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By cherry.liu on 17 May 2018

人人去旅行莫非都是為了放鬆心情幫自己充充電,但對來自澳洲,29歲的Jake Mckeon而言,這趟峇里旅程則成為了日後創立3百萬澳元估值公司的契機。

A big thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch our founder @jakemckeon pitch our story on the national TV show for entrepreneurs, @sharktankau! ?? If you missed out, there's a swipe up link in our story! 〰️ Jake, and our whole team are beyond excited by the deal with Janine Allis and Andrew Banks, which will allow us to take Coconut Bowls to greater heights and support more sustainable initiatives. 〰️ Without our thriving coco community, this would not have been possible. So THANK YOU! As individuals, we can make a difference, together we can change the world ? 〰️ To celebrate we are having a 10% OFF sale across our entire range. Head to the link in our bio and use the code SHARKTANK10 at checkout and join in the coco-party! ? #coconutbowls #sharktankau

Coconut Bowls™ Made By Nature(@coconutbowls)分享的貼文 於 張貼


Hey Coco-Community! Watch me pitch Coconut Bowls on @sharktankau, 8:45pm tonight on Channel 10. Being able to tell our story on national television is an incredible privilege, and something that I am excited to experience. I want to thank you for all the support that you've already shown our business. I am so grateful for the journey that we are on, and for having the opportunity to help support sustainable initiatives. Without our thriving coco community, everything that we have achieved would not be possible. I'm excited to see what the future holds for our business, and hope that you continue to be part of it. With love, kindness and gratitude. @jakemckeon - Founder @coconutbowls ?? If you’re unable to watch tonight’s episode, jump on ?? #coconutbowls #sharktank #sharktankau

Coconut Bowls™ Made By Nature(@coconutbowls)分享的貼文 於 張貼

在2016年初成立公司Coconut Bowls之後,Mckeon更登上了電視節目《Shark Tank》討論自己的公司,最後獲得30萬澳元投資。在登上電視節目之前,Coconut Bowls已經售出超過10萬個椰殼碗,增長率超過500%。光在去年,Coconut Bowls已經錄得120萬澳元收益。Coconut Bowls在社交平台上也擁有接近30萬個粉絲,為其成功原因之一。

"With the popularity of coconuts in our food, skincare, and beauty products right now, we have to wonder what happens to the shells? 99% of the shells have been burned as waste! @coconutbowls took the problem into their own hands and created beautiful eco-friendly bowls out of it. Another way to keep our world beautiful and be active on sustainability is to reuse plant-based products, rather than the wasteful alternatives. Each bowl is unique as they came from real coconuts. So your bowl is one of a kind, just like you! Bring a little piece of paradise into your kitchen!??♻️" @kam.bucha sharing some coco-love! We are so grateful to have a community that is as equally as passionate about our mission as we are?? 〰️ Reclaim a coconut bowls for yourself at via the link in our bio ?? #coconutbowls #ecofriendly #veganbowl #plantbased #veganlife #coconutbowl #natural #sustainability #smoothiebowls #buddhabowls #nicecream

Coconut Bowls™ Made By Nature(@coconutbowls)分享的貼文 於 張貼

Mckeon分析公司成功原因時指出,社交媒體上的成功為公司帶來了莫大收益。他指,由於用戶自發地在社交平台上分享Coconut Bowls的照片,省卻了付錢做市場推廣的需要,做到免費宣傳的效果。Mckeon指,未來將會尋找更多的投資者,擴大公司規模。


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