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By cherry.liu on 17 Aug 2018


ABCPhoto from ABC

ABCPhoto from ABC

維基百科及洛杉磯品牌Advisory Board Crystals(ABC)合作推出了一件印有雙方品牌標誌的白色長袖上衣。上衣亦加入了互聯網設計元素,盡顯風味。ABC於其網頁更引用哲學家Francis Bacon名言「知識就是力量」,大讚維基百科為人類提供了一個人人可自由互相分享知識的世界。

ABCPhoto from ABC

ABCPhoto from ABC

科技公司夥拍時裝品牌推出聯名產品其實不是新鮮事,但每有同類合作都能造成一輪轟動。ABC早前亦與地震預警公司Early Warning Labs合作推出地震主題的聯名系列。至於科技巨擘蘋果亦曾經於90年代推出自家品牌球鞋,可見科技公司及時裝品牌合作淵源甚久。

ADVISORY: 100% of the proceeds from this shirt go to the Wikimedia Foundation in their effort to support @Wikipedia. Introducing; Advisory Board Crystals x @wikipedia Conceptually, one element of the shirts design is represented through appropriation. Combined elements of familiar visual language from the internet and Abc. specific “information related” details create our first iteration of the physical representation of Wikipedia. @Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. The non-profit Wikimedia Foundation provides the essential infrastructure for free knowledge. They host Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world, as well as many other vital community projects. Knowledge is power and awareness is survival. In addition to being a large source of inspiration and information for our projects, Wikipedia leads us to a place in which you can imagine a world where every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. Free information is a privilege. One of the ideals of the Abc. Studio is that there are many ways to save the world. As a nonprofit, Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundations related free knowledge projects are powered primarily through donations. Help us keep knowledge free.

Abc.(@advisoryboardcrystals)分享的貼文 於 張貼

ABC指出,所有收益將會撥歸到資助維基百科運作的非牟利慈善組織維基媒體基金會(Wikimedia Foundation)。上衣售價85美元,目前已經售馨。想入手的朋友或者要到二手市場中另覓買家了。


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